Minecraft 1.11 update with exploration patch

Minecraft 1.11 update with exploration patch


The new Minecraft Exploration update 1.11 has just been made available by Mojang. PC and Mac Minecraft players can go ahead and download the new update. The update was made available only for PC and Mac, and it was not announced yet when it will arrive to PS4 and Xbox One players, but we can expect it to be launched before November ends.

The Exploration Update

Mojang, the developer and producer of Minecraft didn’t release the patch notes for the 1.11 update, but we do know that they have added llamas and the Cartographer villager skin.

The new update brought two new curses, the Curse of Binding and Curse of Vanishing. The Curse of Binding allows the player to bind an item to his character, like a sword, and he will no longer drop it. The only way to drop the item is to die, while the Curse of Vanishing will make the designated item disappear after you die.

Llamas have been added and they will carry around a chest and a saddle, and player will be able to use them for extra storage. A cool new feature brought by the new update is that you can put a leash on a llama and up to 10 other llamas will follow you constructing a caravan.

Illagers have also been confirmed. The Illagers are relatives to the Villagers and they will have a similar design. There will be two types of Illagers, the Evokers and Vindicators. The Vindicators are armed with an Iron Axe and are hostile towards players, and will drop Emeralds or an Iron Axe when killed. On the other hand the Evokers are a kind of mini bosses. The Evokers will always drop the Totem of Undying and sometimes Emeralds. Be careful when fighting them because they can spawn Fangs and Vexes to aid them.