Microsoft Surface Pro 5 To Be Launched Alongside Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 To Be Launched Alongside Windows 10 Creators Update


We think it’s safe to say that the most anticipated device of 2017 is Microsoft’s Surface Pro 5. Fortunately, all hints are pointing towards a Spring release. Rumor has it that the 2-in-1 device will be launched alongside the Windows 10 Creators Update. Microsoft has actually announced during its latest event that took place in New York that Windows 10 Creators Update will arrive in Spring 2016 and its going to completely change the way the PC operating system work.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 To Be Launched Alongside Windows 10 Creators Update

Everyone was actually expecting Microsoft to launch Surface Pro 5 during the Mobile World Congress tech event. As everyone knows already, Microsoft decided to keep Surface Pro 5 under wraps a little bit more. Speculations are saying that the reason why Microsoft postponed Surface Pro 5’s release date was because the competition during CES was too high.

Even though Microsoft has yet to confirm when Surface Pro 5 will be officially unveiled, the April event is the best opportunity. The event has already been fully booked and the entire spotlight will fall straight on Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system and Surface Pro 5 device. This way, Microsoft will be able to enjoy from all the media attention it needs.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Leaked Information

Fortunately, Toby Fitch who is a product designed for Microsoft has mistakenly uploaded a LinkedIn post that confirmed he worked on Surface Pro 5. Worth mentioning that once the news came out, Toby Fitch quickly edited his post and deleted the part which showed that he worked on Surface Pro 5’s design. If the device has already been fully designed, it means that Microsoft is adding the finishing touches. Therefore, Surface Pro 5 will be ready to drop in April.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Specs

Obviously Microsoft didn’t upload the official specs list. Nonetheless, the hybrid device is expected to feature some rather impressive hardware performances. Rumor has it that Microsoft wants to equip it with Intel’s seventh generation Kaby Lake CPUs. What’s interesting is that Apple is also expected to equip its upcoming iPad Pro 2 lineup with these CPUs. The two devices will definitely go against each other on the market.