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Microsoft Surface Devices Are No Longer On The Consumer Reports List


The American company is facing problems with some of its laptops. Consumer reports will remove its “recommended” designation from four laptops and will also not recommend anymore Microsoft devices.

Poor reliability from Microsoft

In a study conducted by the Consumer Reports, National Research Center has made a report in which it was estimated that 25% of Microsoft laptops and tablets will develop problems in two years time or less.

The decision not to recommend Microsoft products anymore extends to detachable keyboards (the new Surface Pro and the Surface Book), Surface laptops and tablets. The laptops losing their “recommended” designation are Microsoft Surface Laptop (both versions: 128 GB and 256 GB) and Microsoft Surface Book ( both versions: 128GB and 512GB).

The decision was made due to the fact that Microsoft’s devices had higher breakage rate than other brands’ devices. The annually conducted survey analyzed all devices and came to that decision due to statistically significant differences.

Microsoft responds

The company released an email in which the company states that the report is not accurate. The company is a firm believer in its product, in their reliability and quality, especially for the Surface products which get better with every generation.

More on the report

The report measures the performance of a laptop or tablet in terms of display quality, speed, battery life, and ergonomics. Lab performance results were positive for Microsoft laptops, but customers need more: reliability.

The Consumer Report national center Research surveys Microsoft owners and their response was not so positive. Some declared that the touch screens were not working properly, while others were not pleased with their laptops because they would freeze frequently or shut down. The reports reliability is based on older model’s performance to predict new models’ future reliability.