Microsoft Surface Book 2 to be available on Windows 10 Event

Microsoft Surface Book 2 to be available on Windows 10 Event



The long wait for next generation of Microsoft Surface Book might come to an end at an event which will be held by the company for Windows 10, on the 26th of October.

The reason why the Surface Book is so impressive is due to its functionality and its design. It’s a very sleek and metallic hybrid device that can be used both as a tablet and as a laptop. It becomes a laptop when the screen is connected to the keyboard base. This is done through a Design Fulcrum Hinge which also enables the laptop to be used in a 180-degree manner. On top of all this, it also has the best high resolution display available which is supported by a chipset that clocks up to 3GHz.

The Surface Book 2

The Surface Book is a great device, and users expect the upcoming generation to be better. There are many rumors about the upcoming Surface Book 2 and none of them have been confirmed yet, but hopefully, we will see the announcement of the device at least, at this upcoming Microsoft event, if not the release.

The rumored specs for the upcoming devices state that it will come with the latest Kaby Lake processor and one of the reasons for the delay of the device’s launch was believed to be the fact that these processors were not available on the market until recently. Supposedly, these processors will give the device the necessary power to support 4k content and high quality 3D graphics.

It is also presumed that the device will sport 16 GB of RAM and 1 TB of storage space and that it might even come with two batteries – one for the screen and one for the keyboard – so that the two components could be used separately.

Lastly, the device is also believed to feature a Stylus Pen like the model before it and that not many changes will be made to the pen.


  1. Why would it be pointless for yet another Surface Pro product? They’ve all had yearly updates.

  2. Surface Pro 3 came out in June 2014….Surface Pro 4 came out in October 2015. That’s a year and 4 months. If we keep that same pace, Surface Pro 5 around February 2017.

  3. Usually when a point is made with barbs like “pointless” or “useless”, ironically it’s the comment that deserves such labels.

  4. I think Whartonbrooks may make an appearance to discuss their new phone and maybe give some details. I know they cancelled their own event out of nowhere. Maybe MS wanted them there. Someone mentioned rumor that they will mention some OEM products.