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Microsoft Launches Its $500 Million Program For Startups


Microsoft Startups program dispose of $500 million funding and aims to provide to the startups a wide range of services and technologies created by the company in order to help businesses development.

Microsoft Startup program is set to help startups in both development and marketing

According to the Microsoft’s representatives, the teams in the Microsoft for Startups program will receive 120,000 dollars credit for the Azure cloud service, will receive technical support and development tools for programming languages such as Node.js, Java, or .NET, and the creators the startup program are thinking about granting access to business applications such as Office 365 or Microsoft Dynamics 365 (the latter will benefit only certain participants).

At the same time, Microsoft will help startup founders in the sales segment, both through theoretical knowledge about marketing and the way they can attract customers, as well as through offering startups access to Microsoft’s 40,000 partners and sales “ecosystem”.

The Startup program will also benefit Microsoft, at the end

Besides the desire to help companies which are at their beginning in business, Microsoft Startup program has a practical characteristic that will benefit Microsoft, at the end.

Thus, the sooner the recently launched companies will use Microsoft products or Azure, the better the chances of becoming themselves long-term customers of Microsoft, the American software giant.

In the end, all the startups that will access Microsoft Startups program can participate in other programs of the company which are specifically dedicated to the development of the Microsoft’s ecosystem of enterprises, which includes:

  • Microsoft Reactors – Physical spaces where entrepreneurs, developers, investors, and the business community can come together to share ideas, future plans, and more;
  • Microsoft ScaleUp (formerly known as Microsoft Accelerators) – Specifically created for startups to support them in different aspects, including sales, marketing, and technical support.
  • Microsoft Ventures – Venture capital division of the Microsoft company;