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Microsoft Details Xbox User Data That Will Be Shared With Publishers: Real Name, Location & More


Microsoft is taking small steps to be more transparent about the data that it collects from Xbox users and the circumstances in which the info gets shared with other companies.

Microsoft’s policies involving privacy and data-sharing are reiterated 

As a result, the next time when users boot up their Xbox One, they may be greeted with a page that reiterates Microsoft’s policies that involve privacy and data-sharing.

If users are playing an Xbox Live-enabled game or app, the tech giant might share some data about them and their playing habits with the publisher.

That data that can be shared with the publishers include country, and age range, Xbox profile data such as the user’s Gamertag and avatar and data on how many achievements they have unlocked and how much time they spent in a game/app.

Microsoft told GameSpot that it might also share social data information such as the user’s interactions and communications with other players, but for the moment it’s not very clear whether this includes written or verbal messages.

Microsoft may even offer publishers the users’ real names.

The company also stated that it does not control what the publishers will do with all the information. This will be determined by a particular publisher’s own privacy policy practices, and these can be found on the Xbox store pages.

Users have the ability to stop sharing game/app data with publishers

You can stop sharing game and app information with publishers, and all you have to do is revoke access on your console or via the website.

“For games published by Microsoft, please visit privacy.microsoft.com. If you want to stop sharing game or app data with a publisher, remove all its games or apps from all devices where you have installed them. Some publishers’ access to your data may also be revoked. For more information about our privacy practices, visit privacy.microsoft.com” says Microsoft.