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Meet Autonio, The First Decentralized AI Trading Robot


The virtual world is becoming more and more important every day. It affects every aspect of our real lived, even the more serious ones. For example, it is no secret that cryptocurrencies have become crucial for any market. They are especially valuable for automated trading and usually, the cryptotrading community uses scripts in order to achieve this automated trading. Now, things have become even easier. A new AI powered trading robot is the latest cryptocurrency expert.

Autonio, the trading robot that will help you exploit crypto-volatility

Cryptocurrencies are constantly changing in unexpected ways. In order to benefit from that you will need some coding skills that will eventually enable automated trading. For those who needed a simpler solution, now you have Autonio. The robot uses Wall Street knowledge in order to detect cryptocurrency trends. Autonio is the first decentralized AI powered trading robot and the best part is that you do not need to be a coding expert. The robot uses GUI in order analyze the latest trading industry tendencies and it executes trades based on them. This way, even inexperienced users can gain a profit just like the experts.

Autonio uses PHP, Javascript and Ethereum smart contracts and you can already try a demo at www.auton.io. This product uses Bitfinex and it has 28 currency pairs available for testing.

The Autonio leaderboard

There will be an upcoming presale campaign that will allow you to test Autonio’s leader board, using bounties as rewards. Basically, you can come with a trading strategy and optimize the robot according to it. Using NIO coins that are secured with smart contracts you will be able to share or lease you optimizations. Whoever comes up with the most profitable optimization for AI will appear on the leaderboard.