Mayfair to Monte Carlo Supercar Tour – Here’s What You’ll be Enjoying

Mayfair to Monte Carlo Supercar Tour – Here’s What You’ll be Enjoying


The F1 season brings with it more than just the opportunity to see roaring vehicles challenge each other in what is considered by many the pinnacle of racing. It is also the perfect and maybe only opportunity to truly celebrate racing and fine tastes in a combination of senses such as seeing, tasting and smelling the finer things along the way to the F1 events.

What the Mayfair to Monte Carlo Supercar Tour is all about

The Mayfair to Monte Carlo Supercar Tour is the perfect opportunity to have the experience of a lifetime. This includes a number of premium services that cater to the most luxurious necessities. Like us, many believe that even though in this particular case the destination is very important and sought after, it is still very much about the journey as well. We look to provide the best experience and make sure that you will not only remember the Monaco F1 event but the road to the event as well.

As part of the Mayfair to Monte Carlo Supercar Tour, there are multiple Monaco Grand Prix Experiences that attendees can go for of the same premium quality. Guests are free to choose if they will be joining in their own top notch Supercar or if they want to attend the tour in one of the elite vehicles we can provide. Once you’ve booked one of the prestigious four-wheelers we offer, you can start your journey towards attending racing’s finest with a series of exquisite locations.

Making the most out of the road leading up to race day

All accommodations are taken care of on this tour, such as rest stops at the best restaurants and establishments available along the way, where the finest dining experience can be savoured with a glass of champagne on the side, admiring the stunning view in most cases. Across multiple countries like France, Switzerland or Italy, the tour kicks off with Ascot’s most esteemed location, Coworth Park Hotel. From here, guests make their way through many locations where they will stop and enjoy various delights. Locations include places like the Veuve Clicquot champagne house in France or even the 48 switchback turns of Italy’s Stelvio pass.

Travelling in style and never settling

Many guests want to be able to seamlessly pass from one location to another and since there will be situations in which guests will be able to choose different locations (like staying at hotels in Niece or Monaco, by choice), we also provide transport solutions. The Supercar tour also provides helicopter transfers that make the journey from Nice to Monaco take no more than a matter of minutes, with a great view to admire along the way.

A week of enjoyment built around Formula 1

The Supercar tour doesn’t end once the destination is reached however, as guests will continue to benefit from premium services such as yacht chartering or the bird’s eye view of the track from the La Marée restaurant. Super cars, luxurious rest points and exquisite parties (both pre-race parties and after-parties) make it a grand week that round up the F1 experience.