Mass Effect Andromeda To Feature New Conversation System

Mass Effect Andromeda To Feature New Conversation System


Bioware managed to create one of the most successful game franchises of all time when it created Mass Effect. The Mass Effect games give players the opportunity to join in space fights with aliens but that’s not the games’ biggest sale point. What truly makes Mass Effect games so special is the fact that they allow players to truly role play. The way Bioware is doing this is by giving players a bunch of conversation options thus allowing them to create their own story.

The whole gaming community is enthusiastic about the upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda game. Bioware has already launched a couple of gameplay footage and this certainly has fans riled up. The game has been slated to launch in March. The reason we’re talking about it today is because Bioware decided to unveil one major aspect about the upcoming game.

As previously mentioned, the Mass Effect games give players a bunch of conversation options. Well, gladly this game won’t be an exception. In fact, Bioware confirmed that Mass Effect Andromeda will go a different direction conversation wise in comparison with the last games. The Paragon and Renegade options have been officially taken out. The reason behind this that they were mainly used by Commander Sheppard and Bioware is trying to move away from that chapter.

Bioware announced that the new conversation system will focus more on agreeing or disagreeing with other characters. This implies that there will be a bunch of new speech ramifications. Additionally, the new conversation system has been fitted with different tones of voices. While this might not sound that important, it gives players the opportunity to express themselves.

The game will be coming out on March 21st and it will be available for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Because Mass Effect Andromeda is weeks away from launch, we can expect Bioware to launch additional information. The game producer has to get fans more enthusiastic about the game to ensure its success. Nonetheless, March 21st is close and we will be able to see all the new features for ourselves in just a couple of days.

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