Mass Effect Andromeda Is Coming, What Can We Expect?

Mass Effect Andromeda Is Coming, What Can We Expect?


The most loved “space themed” game franchise is undoubtedly The Mass Effect one. There are already three installments out and all of them have been highly successful. Now fourth one is getting ready to launch. We are talking about Mass Effect: Andromeda. This game is set to launch on March 21st and it will take players on a space adventure in a new galaxy. Now let’s take a look over everything we know and see what we can expect from the highly anticipated game.

Mass Effect Andromeda: Characters

The strongest point in the Mass Effect franchise is that it has some of the best developed characters ever. These game characters always feature cool design and voice acting features. Players will be given a chance to step in to the feet of one of the Ryder twins, Sarah and Scott. They are the children of Alec Ryder which is a member of the same order Commander Sheppard served in.

What’s interesting is that even though players can only choose to play as either Sarah or Scott Ryder, the other will also appear throughout the story. Leaving the main characters aside, players will be accompanied by other amazing allies such as Cora Harper, Peebee or Liam Kosta.

Mass Effect Andromeda: Gameplay

We were able to get our first look at the how the game looks. BioWare has already launched a trailer for the game and from the trailer we can get a pretty good idea of what to expect. Unlike its predecessors, Andromeda will focused more on exploration. Players will be able to use either a Nomad rover or jetpack while exploring the unmarked Andromeda galaxy.

Even better, the game’s developers have been listening to the feedback they received and decided to give players the ability to customize their weapons. Also, the main character will no longer be shackled to only one class. Nonetheless, March is getting close and we will be able find out all the game’s features and details. We can safely say that BioWare’s sales percentages will be booming when the game comes out.