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MacOS Users Can Get Office 365 Toolbar in My Workspace Provided by Microsoft


Microsoft has launched a toolbar called Office 365 which is available for macOS. This toolbar will allow you to access documents easy and faster, calendar, join Skype meetings and even RSVP to events.

Microsoft Garage Program Brings to Light a Great App

The toolbar is a project from Microsoft which was developed through their Garage program which aims at encouraging their employees to create apps on their own in their free time. This is how My Workspace started off as a project and helped in also making Office 365 toolbar possible.

The My Workspace app was developed in Vancouver by a team of interns who worked at it for more than four months.

The My Workspace App is Quite Handy

My Workspace will sit in the toolbar space and will let you browse calendar, answer to Skype calls and other events, including more features.

A few of the features from My Workspace are showing a list with the recently used files, a list with the files you pinned, the possibility of opening any file from that app, you can pin Office apps such as Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word. You can also access your OneDrive files from My Workspace app.

MacOS Users Can get the My Workspace App for Free

My Workspace is a free app and will now provide macOS users the Office 365 Toolbar which is a great addition for those who constantly use Office documents. This app is customizable and since its release macOS users have been more than happy about getting and using it.

MacOS doesn’t have such an app and here comes My Workspace, the first app to be built for the Apple platform by Microsoft’s Garage project.

Windows users are getting a little jealous over this app because it doesn’t exist for Windows platforms, at least not yet.