MacBook Pro Best Touch Bar Games to Download

MacBook Pro Best Touch Bar Games to Download


Apple is infamous for not changing the design it uses on its devices but now it looks like the company is set on getting rid of that stigma. Everyone knows that Apple’s upcoming 2017 iPhone lineup will feature a brand new design, but there’s another device that has already been changed. We are talking about the 2016 MacBook Pro Model. Apple overhauled the device’s design and equipped with the innovative feature known as Touch Bar.

The Touch Bar sits just above the device’s keyboard and it has been designed to improve the overall MacBook Pro user experience. This feature can be used to enhance work times because it’s filled with shortcuts and different functions, but the Touch Bar can also be used for fun. Surprisingly, the Mac community has already developed a bunch of games for Apple’s Touch Bar. Today we’re going to present the most popular ones.


What other better way to start this listing than with the classic game of Pong. Fun fact, the first PC game ever was Pong. The game uses the Touch Bar for controls and it has two levels, easy and difficult. Sadly, players will only be going against artificial intelligence opponents. Nonetheless, this game is definitely a fun way to pass spare time.


This game makes it look like the Touch Bar has been specially designed so that it can be used as a piano keyboard. This game allows users to play classic songs such as Chopin or Beethoven’s masterpieces. Additionally, this game has different instruments modes such as guitar, flute and different modes.

Pac Man

We think it’s safe to say that Pac Mac is the most popular game to be ever made. Everyone surely gave Pac Man a try in their childhood. Either on arcade machines or on their PCs. The Mac community has managed to alter this game to fit on Touch Bar’s small linear display. This game uses the MacBook Pro’s keyboard as controls and the Touch Bar as a display. We need to advise readers not to play this game during work because it’s so fun that it can be quite addictive.