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Litecoin (LTC) Partners With Aliant Payments For Merchants


As the news cycles each week surrounding digital currency, the main topic of discussion usually contains which ones are going to partner with, or develop, a decent payment system for merchants. The success of any virtual currency is going to be based on whether or not merchants can accept them from consumers. There has been many that tried and even Litecoin thought it had an option that would work with LitePay, but we all saw how that went. In the news this week, Litecoin has partnered up with a payment solution for merchants that is provided by Aliant Payments.

Litecoin Turning The Corner?

Just this week, according to news reports, Aliant announced that it was going to partner with Litecoin to offer merchants an option when it comes to collecting payment for products in cryptocurrency. The CEO of Aliant made a statement saying that merchants are always looking for more ways to accept payments and that this is just one of them that will move Litecoin and Aliant forward.

LitePay seemed to be the doom of Litecoin and that was only a few weeks ago. This news is certainly much better for the currency and investors should start to see a return.

A Better Solution For Merchants

Being able to connect consumers payment options with merchants that accept them is the holy grail right now in the cryptocurrency world. This partnership is going to allow merchants to find a “vetted and approved payments processor” to work with. A partnership like this also allows merchants to accept Litecoin payments and convert them as well.

Overall, the news of the partnership was received quite well, especially online. Users and merchants alike took to social media to tell followers how excited they are and how the new partnership is going to help their business and the buying power of consumers.