Liberty City To Be Added In Grand Theft Auto 5 By OpenIV...

Liberty City To Be Added In Grand Theft Auto 5 By OpenIV mod


The developers who have created the modding tool for Grand Theft Auto named OpenIV embarked themselves into a rather utopist project as they plan to bring Liberty City, where the action in Grand Theft Auto 4 takes place into Grand Theft Auto 5.

They haven’t released any trailers or pictures as of now and no launch date has been made available but the FAQ section assures their fans that it will be released as soon as it is ready.  This mode is somehow worrying because it will include the sheer size of Liberty City into Grand Theft Auto 5. The guys who are developing OpenIV also don’t have any distribution rights and it may come out as a problem in the end as no Rockstar content is to be altered without their consent.

The mode will be compatible with some episodes from Liberty City without a multiplayer mode as it will be not made available. Rockstar is against people who try to mode Grand Theft Auto Online and there is a very high chance you will receive a permanent ban. A lot of free internal storage space is needed in order for the converter to do its magic and a great deal of time as well. No information was released regarding what specifications your computer should have in order to run it but we believe the PC should be pretty high end to withstand that great amount of content that’s being thrown at it.

No matter if you are a Grand Theft Auto Liberty City fan or not, this mod is sure to interweave two of the most successful games of the Rockstar franchise and we cannot do anything but wait in order for it to happen.


  1. “Rockstar, you’ll recall, doesn’t allow mods in GTA Online.” Rockstar doesn’t allow mods, in general. Alexander Blade, Albo, and people on the RPH Discord server went through pure hell over the holidays, trying to update their mods for Rockstars obnoxious GTA Online garbage. But who can blame them? They got dollar signs for eyes as soon as they saw that they could make a profit from GTA Online.

  2. It’s the best idea ever made of course it should be done before gta6 comes out hopefuly

  3. I’ve heard that it will be a ‘LONG TIME’ before gta 6 comes out because Rockstar intends to focus on GTA V as it stands extremely popular to this day, and they’d prefer to just keep on adding to GTA V.

  4. GTA V isn’t what’s popular. It’s Online. Which makes Rockstar Millions of dollars each month. Not from sales of the game, but from online fake money. Shark Cards make them a lot of money.

  5. Or maybe because it gives them a ton of money and it’s easier to just add small things and keep it coming than make a game from zero.