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Is Trumpcare Finally Dead?


Let’s face it, the United States of America have never been healthcare heaven. In fact, the situation was pretty grim to begin with when former POTUS Barrack Obama was first elected in 2008. His healthcare bill which was publicly ‘Obamacare’ managed to solve some issues, but also created others, and many conservatives and liberals alike were very disappointed with it. Thus, it came as no surprise when infamous Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump centered a big part of his political campaign and platform on repealing Obamacare.

The elections came and went, and in spite of common sense and all else that is holy in this world Donald Trump was elected President of the United States of America. He then proceeded to quickly tear down Obamacare as he had promised during his campaign, and designed a new bill instead which naturally became known as ‘Trumpcare’. Trumpcare was every middle-class and lower-class American’s medical nightmare because it extended the list of pre-existing conditions to ridiculous extents, as well as prompted medical research budget cuts. These are just a few of the many known horrors that Trumpcare promised to unleash on America.

However, the bill quickly crumbled to the ground because it was ridiculous, controversial and, most importantly, unsustainable. But is Trumpcare really dead? In theory, of course it is, but in practice the loss of healthcare benefits for many Americans is still a possibility even with Trumpcare being repealed. Unfortunately, America’s healthcare system seems to be too far gone and not even the most progressive of bills could save it. Let’s face it, if Barrack Obama’s plan failed, many after it are bound to have the same fate.

We can only hope that America finds a solution for this in the future, but at the moment it just doesn’t seem likely.