iPhone 6 Shutdown Issue is Solved in iOS 10.2.1

iPhone 6 Shutdown Issue is Solved in iOS 10.2.1


If you are an iPhone user, then you’re probably aware of the kind of problems the last couple of iOS iterations have presented. While overall, the latest versions of Apple’s operating system were appreciated, a large number of users have been reporting that their devices would suddenly turn off. The shutdown issue has become a well known concern in the App user community, especially in the lines of those that own an iPhone 6 or any of its variations (6 Plus, 6 S, and 6 S Plus).

Apple has taken note of this persisting problem, and has come with a solution that is present on the 10.2.1 build of Apple’s iOS. If you have installed that particular update, you are already in possession of the fix that will get rid of the problem. Keep in mind that it has worked on a firm majority of cases, but you might just be the unlucky soul that won’t get the result they want.

It has been reported that around half of the iOS using user base has updated by now to build 10.2.1. That’s certainly enough to start doing some math and seeing how much has the fix implemented by Apple is doing. According to calculations done by Apple, it would seem that around 80% of the people experiencing the issue have reported that everything is fine after updating to 10.2.1. This statistic is regarding the regular iPhone 6, whereas for the iPhone 6S, the percentile is 70%.

Apple also stated that they added a new feature which would let people shutdown their devices without the need of connecting the device to a power outlet. This is just in case some users still experience the issue. It’s obviously not a fix for them, but a sort of patch to make it less annoying until it’s resolved.

The problem was allegedly caused by an uneven power deployment throughout the device, because of battery units that were more or less “worn out”. While that is something both Apple and customers can further look into, it’s good that the Mac manufacturer finally managed to mostly get rid of.