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iPads and iPhones to Receive iOS 11 On September 19th


September 12th was a big day for Apple fans since iPhone X and its other models were unveiled. However, another highly anticipated thing that Apple unveiled was its new iOS 11 operating system. Things get even better though since Apple announced that iPad and iPhone owners should expect it to arrive OTA (over the air) on September 19th.

iOS 11

Apple’s new operating system will arrive right in the nick of time since Google also recently released its new Android 8.0 Oreo operating system. Unlike Google, Apple will release its operating system to all of its devices at the same date. Moreover, iOS 11 contains a bunch of cool features such as the option to run apps side-by-side which will bring Apple devices to the next level.

OTA Update

As previously mentioned, the update will start rolling out OTA (over the air). This means that iPad and iPhone owners don’t need to do anything and just wait for it to arrive. Therefore, iPad and iPhone owners should keep their eyes peeled at the notifications panel starting September 19th because that’s when iOS 11 will pop up. The only thing that apple fans need to make sure of is to have enough storage space on their device.

Key Features

The new operating system will include some awesome features such as the new compression formats. This is great news for Apple fans since it means they will be able to store more photos and videos than usual. Furthermore, the messages app is getting a complete revamp that’s going to clean it up. Apple wants to implement a clever design for the messages app that’s going to make it easier to find stickers, emojis and so on. Last but not least, Apple announced that Siri will receive some improvements which make the artificial assistant sound more natural.