iPad to finally replace PCs – Is it really happening?

iPad to finally replace PCs – Is it really happening?


It has been a while since Apple announced its goal to turn iPads into successful replacements of PCs and laptops.

After over two years since this promise was released by the Cupertino based company, the new iPad Pro is released as the best option to replace laptops. Apple’s chief executive seemed more than confident in his promises, suggesting that once you try the new iPad Pro, you will no longer desire to use other devices. Safe to say that this statement was made in order to generate sales and ensure the general public that they will receive their money’s worth.

As advertised on their website, ipadPro comes with a 10.5 inch display or a 12.9 inch display. The official apple website ensures consumers that this tablet is a powerful rival to any notebook and it is also easier to use. It is comfortable for long hours since the display was redesigned not to abuse or retinas (120 Hz refresh rate), while also offering multi touch options. You can use either your finger or the world wide famous apple pencil, which you will have to purchase separately and which has also been modified and improved.

On the Apple website a detailed chart of the new ipad Pro can be found.  As a new feature, all the files can be stored together in one single place from any other Apple device, plus servers such as Dropbox.

Another interesting feature is the Dock performance; the tablet helps you multitask by allowing several apps to remain active at the same time.

With this improved iPad Pro you can also maintain you friendships. The Apple pay feature allows you to send and receive money to and from friends.

In conclusion, notebooks and PCs are soon to be replaced by the new tablet technology employed by Apple.