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iPad Pro Features And How To Handle Mac’s Finder


Apple is known to have great iPads, maybe too good to be replaced after several years from when they got bought. This has made their sales of iPads (which was reported at the beginning of August) stagnate a little in their quarterly earnings.

Aside from several seconds slower old versions, users who took good care of them still have their old devices.

The new iPad Pro has proven again that Apple stepped up their game in performance and capabilities regarding their tablets. It runs smoothly, has a very fast reaction time while switching between applications, scrolling feels great and Touch ID is great when you want to wake it up from sleep.

The new iPad Pro 10.5 inch model is great, and it’s not too big for your hand. The design is sleek and features nice slim bezels. You can also try the new iOS: iOS 11, which is available if you are a developer and is also open for public beta.

The iOS 11 features a new interface, no longer having the Split View or Slide Over panel. The operating system isn’t ready, it needs some adjusting, but it will turn out great.

The Finder Window

If you like Apple devices and also own a Mac, there are some tricks you might have never heard of, and we’re talking about Finder. You can use it to work with cleaning your folders, editing files, selecting or previewing videos, photos, files, audio files and so on.

You can rename several files at the same time by changing words in their titles and still keep part of the name unchanged, and so on. There are also a lot of keyboard tricks to navigate the Finder window, helping you to faster access files, folders, to reveal them in the same window and more.