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iOS 10.3.3 Update Available With Bug Fixes And New Features


On July 19 Apple discontinued the iOS10.3.2, with their releasing of a newer version, the iOS 10.3.3.

We know that it’s been only 2 months between the release of iOS10.3.2 and iOS10.3.3, but Apple moved quickly in order to fix a bug in the previous update. A lot of users reported that the iOS 10.3.2 drained the battery of iPhones, while some reported that it has improved the life of their iPhone battery. Better safe than sorry, Apple releasing another version of iOS, the 10.3.3 one, would provide bug fixes and other improvements.

Keeping Your Devices Updated is Safer and You Also Get New Features!

The new iOS 10.3.3 is focused on bug fixes, security enhancement, and a few more improvements, but none which can actually be seen. The iOS 10.3.3 will be the last of its kind since in the fall Apple will release the next generation of iOS, the iOS 11. They have released it for beta testing throughout this summer and will surely have some new interesting features.

So the owners of iPads, iPhones or iPod Touch can upgrade to iOS 10.3.3but will not be able to downgrade to the previous version. This is Apple’s technique of encouraging their customers to keep their devices’ systems updated in order to have safe versions which cannot be hacked.

Older iOS systems are prone to be vulnerable to cyber-attacks since they’re no longer under Apple’s attention and are no longer updated in order to be secured. Another reason is that Apple lets the users experience the latest features in their newest versions.

Until the new generation of iOS will be available, the iOS 10.3.3 version is the only one that can be installed by the public on their device. There are however beta testers and developers who have access to the iOS 11.