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HTC Exodus Will Be The First Blockchain Smartphone From HTC


HTC has surprised the market with a new decision. Sales of the brand’s phones have been declining over time and, for this reason, they have opted for a new concept to awaken the interest of the market. Therefore, they announced the HTC Exodus blockchain smartphone.

So far, the manufacturer has presented a sketch and some concepts, which help us to have an idea.

The truth is that there are many unknowns about this HTC Exodus, a device with which the Taiwanese brand experiments remarkably and hopes at launching something that has never been seen on the market before, apparently.

In fact, the concept is not new, as you can see here.

Although they have been losing some popularity, cryptocurrencies are still some of the most popular digital assets.

So, HTC wants to take advantage of this and present their blockchain smartphone. Although it is an unexplored terrain, this experiment can be either perfect or a failure of epic proportions. A significant risk for HTC.

Little is known about this HTC Exodus blockchain smartphone, so far

We just have a couple of sketches of what HTC Exodus design will look like. It has been confirmed that it will be an Android phone, although it is not known which version it will use.

The future blockchain phone will have a universal cryptocurrency wallet with hardware security. Also, decentralized applications, required by the blockchain, will be pre-installed.

The idea of a blockchain smartphone is that the user can manage their cryptocurrency wallets without having to download additional applications.

HTC Exodus might be bought in cryptocurrency

In addition, HTC is considering allowing selling their HTC exodus in cryptocurrency, along with fiat currency. However, we can’t say if this is going to happen, after all.

Without a doubt, this is a risky project for HTC, so we’ll see how well this HTC Exodus blockchain smartphone will perform after its launch.