HTC 10 To Release On 12th of April – Photos Leaked

HTC 10 To Release On 12th of April – Photos Leaked


Based in Taiwan, HTC has been one of the biggest names when it comes to the world of technology in recent times.

The company has been coming out with update after update, and has changed the way the markets work. HTC has been working on many new and updated devices, and has been coming out with major changes in the markets of technology.

The company is one of the most prominent Smartphone maker brand, as well as a name which has had a presence across the markets for a very long time.

The company has now been working on two major projects – the first being the HTC Vive, which has been announced in the past during the Mobile World Congress a month ago, and the second major project being the one where they intend to bring back the mobile phone division to life as they work on their latest Smartphone – the HTC 10.

HTC’s latest flagship device, the HTC 10 has been rumored for a long while. There have been several leaks and rumors about this phone that have surfaced in the past, and now the company has officially announced a major HTC event on the 12th of April, as they have sent out invites for it. Now that we are moving closer towards that date, it is being anticipated that HTC will release the HTC 10 – their latest flagship device at the event.

The HTC 10 has been debated several times in the past over the name with which it is expected to release as, as there have been many conflicting reports about it.

The device is being speculated to release under many names and it is being said that it might release as the HTC 10, or the HTC One 10 or the HTC one M10 or the HTC M10 – there has been a widespread speculation but the most probable answer is certainly that of the HTC 10.

Leaked images have shown the phone coming out with a design very similar to that of the HTC A9. However this comes as no surprise as the company had said that the A9 marks the arrival of major strategic changes henceforth.

HTC 10 is expected to come out into the market with the tagline – the power of Ten, and is speculated to feature many modern-day specs such as the Snapdragon 820 processor along with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage space.