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HP Spectre x2 Design and Specs As Powerful As Top Gadgets


The 2 in 1 tablet seems to be the latest craze in the tech world right now. HP has just released the Spectre x2, a hybrid device that aims to be everything that the Microsoft Surface Pro couldn’t. And, spoiler alert, it reaches its goal flawlessly. The HP Spectre x2 2 in 1 tablet to laptop hybrid is the best in its market segment right now, outrunning the Microsoft Surface Pro tremendously. Let’s find out what makes it so great.

Design and Specs

First and foremost, we need to say this: the HP Spectre x2 is simply gorgeous. Its sleek matte black exterior has aesthetically pleasing copper trimmings on the side, which turn out to be the very things that prop it up in order for it to become a laptop or computer screen. All in all, the HP Spectre x2 looks stunning.

But the HP Spectre x2 is not just a pretty thing that’s nice to look it because it packs an actual punch as far as specs are concerned. For one, its keyboard is the best we’ve ever seen on a hybrid. But on top of that, the HP Spectre x2 is also jam-packed with the latest technologies available, making it one of the most functional and smooth hybrids on the market right now.

It has Core i5 and i7 processors depending on the variant, Iris graphics and a whopping 16GB capacity for RAM, as well as up to 1TB in storage. This is all available for the 2017 generation of the HP Spectre x2. The previous generation of the HP Spectre x2 was bland and had a dodgy Core M processor built in, which made it underperform in the most disappointing of manners. But now the HP Spectre x2 is reinvented, and it’s better than ever.