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How to Get Exodus for Kodi Up and Running Again


A couple of days ago TVAddons.org was shut down and every app that was connected to the platform started malfunctioning, including Exodus. Every Kodi user will confirm that Exodus is among the best video addons available right now and no one expected it to go down. Even though TVAddons.org might be down and the platform’s developers are not saying anything, the code for Exodus is still available for download.

Luckily for Exodus fans, they can still download and install the standalone version of the addon which means that they don’t need to rely on TVAddons.org anymore. As of now, there are six zip files which contain URL resolvers, artwork and different code lines which will make the standalone version of Exodus run without any problems.

Short Disclaimer

The best advice that we can give to Exodus fans is to only use the video addon through VPN. The reason we are saying this is because numerous reports are showing that many Kodi users have received copyright infringement notices for streaming shows. Therefore, purchasing a reliable VPN subscription is a wise move.

Exodus Standalone

The first thing that Exodus users need to do is to uninstall and delete their current version of the addon. This is the best way to avoid any issues. After uninstalling and deleting the previous Exodus files, go ahead and download the installation files from here. This zip archive will contain the previously talked about six files. Therefore, extract them and open up Kodi. Once Kodi is opened, access the Side Menu and click on Addons then on the Box Icon. All that’s left now is to select “install from zip”. Worth noting is that the only downside to using this standalone version of Exodus is that the developers behind the app are not going to roll out any software updates.