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SHAREit Download and Properly Install on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and XP


There is no other app that compares with SHAREit when it comes to sharing videos, images, documents and contacts. SHAREit enables users to transfer files at incredibly fast speeds without even requiring a direct Wi-Fi connection. This is a cross-platform app which runs on iOS, Android and Windows powered machines.

SHAREit Download for Windows

Despite its premium services, the app is entirely free! Interested readers can head on and download the app right now and install it without having to pay a dime. Furthermore, SHAREit is compatible with the following Windows versions: 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and the classic XP.

Installation Process

Even though this is a complex app, the installation process is not that complicated. Nonetheless, we’re going to provide readers with a guide on how to make sure that SHAREit is installed properly. The first thing that users need to do is to download SHAREit and to make sure that they have enough free space in the designated partition since the file is quite big.

After downloading the “.exe” installer for SHAREit, users need to open it and wait for the installation process to start. All that’s left now is to follow the instructions given out by the installation wizard such as choosing the location of where the app is going to be downloaded. Once the installation process is finished, a new SHAREit shortcut will appear on the desktop and that’s where users can open it.

Lighting Fast Speeds

Leaving aside the fact that SHAREit doesn’t require a direct Wi-Fi connection to function, the best thing about it is that it offers speeds that are 200 times faster than Bluetooth. This means that SHAREit transfers files at 20 Mb/s. Things get even better though since users can send multiple files at the same time without hindering the speed at all.

Download available from Microsoft Store.