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Here is Why UC Browser is Not Safe for Anyone


The fact that UC Browser has an active user base of over 500 million worldwide users speaks volumes about its performance. UC Browser is renowned for being superfast and for offering a plethora of features that make surfing the web a more enjoyable experience. However, is UC Browser safe?

UC Browser Risks and Problems

Truth be told, UC Browser is not that safe. Even though the browser is packed with tons of cool features, the developers don’t pay the same level of attention to the safety department. To make things even worse, the folks at The Citizen Lab from the University of Toronto found a handful of issues related to UC Browser’s safety.

The Citizen Lab from the University of Toronto managed to find many issues which are regarded as major risks and problems that might affect users. These issues were reported to UCWeb and Alibaba who oversee UC Browser, but neither companies acted against these issues.

The only statement that UCWeb and Alibaba made regarding the unsafety of UC Browser is that they will investigate those issues and fix them in the upcoming future. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen.

Known Safety and Risks Issues

In order to give readers an idea of how bad UC Browser’s safety and privacy risks are we will go over the biggest safety and risk issues that UC Browser features:

  • UC Browser is detected as a Trojan, Malware and Adware by Malwarebytes;
  • There are many reports which show that UC Browser sent detailed user Web History to a server located in China;
  • The famous Edward Snowden said that UC Browser is not safe;
  • The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) found that there is a major security weak point in UC Browser’s system;
  • The Citizen Lab accuses UC Browser for not using an effective encryption system.