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Half Life 3 Speculated To Be Cancelled – Know the Details


One of the most popular gaming series of recent times, the Half Life series of games have been noted for their market value over the world of gamer.

The rumors surrounding the release of the third part of this game have been around since quite a long time, and every user, using his or her vivid imagination has been coming out with facts and material which ‘may or may not’ be hinting towards the release of this game.

However, it now seems like this next-gen game in the Half Life series, the Half Life 3 is not going to release at all!

There have been many gamers, insiders, speculators and pundits who have offered their inside information into this matter, some even going down to stating things at a ridiculous extent that Mark Laidlow is secretly working on a Half Life 3 with the company even after he has left Valve.

A Reddit post had earlier claimed that the game is indeed releasing in 2016, because of the fact that it is very ‘marketable’.

However, that speculation has been rubbish since then as it takes much more to create a game than just a hunch that this would be marketable.

However, there is no denying that there indeed exists an active market demand for the Half Life 3 game and not only are gamers actively seeking any information on this games release, but are also petitioning Valve to release it. The demand exists, but the final decision still lies in the hands of Valve.

As of information obtained by us via kpopstarz, it now looks like the game has been canned and that Valve has no plans to resume it. It has now been 12 years since the Half Life 2 game came out, and since then the company has shown no indication and no interest towards releasing a Half Life 3 game.

According to news from kpopstarz, the production too has been cancelled and valve has made no efforts to even resume it.

Earlier on there were rumours about Valve secretly working on this project as a VR Only game.

However that is also very unlikely as the Valve CEO had stated in the past that there is very less chance the team would go on and tap into a ‘classic’ game, let alone make such drastic changes to it. Half Life 3 is not expected to release any time soon.