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GTA Players Had Their GTA Dollars Removed – Rockstar Explains What Happened


A large number og GTA players have found themselves they have been “robbed” of their GTA Dollars by RockStar. They were shocked, surprised and displeased and hurried to announce the happening on social media platforms and in support tickets.

The reason behind Rockstar’s decision

One reason behind this happening might be due to hackers spawning in extra money. RockStar has previously removed cash from players which had illicitly gained them. However, it seems that this time, the vast majority of the players suffering the loss did not cheat at all.

How could this happen?

GTA Online allows players to use the game’s currency as premium currency and as currency earned through mission and other activities. Since players cannot give money to each other, they take on these missions or buy Shark Cards for real money. The currency can be used to get access to all the DLC.

Hackers have been bothering RockStar for a while now and despite the company’s efforts, it seems it is difficult to eradicate them.

RockStar might have wronged innocent players

It seems as if the system implemented by RockStar to counter the illicitly gained dollars is also affecting legitimate players. Numerous reports are published on SNS in which players talk about their effort to earn their millions of game currency and how their efforts were in vain.

The most logical explanation is that the game’s anti-cheating system reacted to a false positive. The false positive might have been created when the double cash week started for those using the Import/Export business in order to get a quick profit.

The company responded by explaining that the purpose of the security sweeps was to create a fair game play and those players who had their accounts affected will receive back an answer.