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GTA Online Has Some New Interesting Arrivals For Xbox One And PS4


Grand Theft Auto V had tremendous success after release and even after that time, people still play the game as enthusiastic as ever. Now, Rockstar Company just launched new content on PS4 and Xbox One to keep things new and fresh for their players.

GTA Online experienced countless months of success on PCs, PS4 and Xbox One and now the popular game receives the final touches to the Gunrunning update.

On 8th of August, the Adversary Mode was launched and was accompanied by the newest vehicle, the HVY Nightshark, which has equipped twin machine guns in the front. Rockstar humorously stated after release that it comes a special moment in life for a successful arms dealer when everyone else is out to kill them and when that moment comes, it is better if the player has the chance to use an appropriate vehicle to address that particular issue.

Moreover, it was added that the HVY Nightshark is capable of unleashing a hail of bullets with the use of the front-facing twin machine guns and that it is also available on Warstock Cache & Carry.

The vehicle is not the only new addition to the game, but also a new mode that should be definitely tried: the Overtime Shootout. This mode is challenging its players to score the most points with their own driving skills and abilities.

Rockstar reinforced the idea by adding that the player already mastered the art of shoving their opponents off the scoring platforms in the Overtime Rumble mode, now they can enjoy a new challenge.

The latest mode is meant to test the accuracy and finesse of their players when all the pressure of being watched is on their shoulders.

With the Overtime Shootout mode, the player has the opportunity to prove their skill and impress other players who witness as well. Those players who take part in the challenge have the chance to earn Double GTA $ RP until the 14th of August.