GTA 6 To Feature Female Protagonist and To Come Out in 2020

GTA 6 To Feature Female Protagonist and To Come Out in 2020


One of the most successful games ever made has to be Rockstar Games’ GTA 5. The game has been first launched back in 2013 and it’s still being played to this day. In addition, because all the GTA games can be played on PC and console systems, the franchise managed to gather a huge fan-base. With that being said, it’s pretty clear why Rockstar Games is expected to confirm that it’s working on the sixth installment.

Release Date

The game developer is adding the finishing touches to the second installment in the Red Dead Redemption franchise right now but once that game is out, we can be sure that Rockstar Games is going to switch its focus on GTA 6. Rumor has it that the game developer is actually waiting on Sony and Microsoft to launch their next-gen consoles before it starts developing its game.

The reason behind this decision is that Sony and Microsoft’s next-gen consoles are going to be able to run more impressive graphics. Even better, Sony has already made its console VR ready and Rockstar Games might decide to make use of that functionality and equip GTA 6 with VR features. Nonetheless, we can expect GTA 6 to come out during 2020.

Foreign Cities

All the previous GTA installments have taken place in the US. The game developer is expected to take a different route this time and place the game’s action and story in a foreign city. The two contenders are Tokyo and London because both of them fit perfectly into GTA’s crime theme. Tokyo is infamous for its Yakuza clan while London is infamous for its street crime mob.

Female Protagonist

Rockstar Games has received some harsh criticism during the past years for the way it represents women and that’s why rumors are pointing out that GTA 6 is actually going to feature female protagonist. These rumors are quite plausible since this is a win-win situation for Rockstar Games. The gaming community is not made only from men and women represent a large majority as well. Having a female protagonist will do no nothing but enlarge the game’s fan base.