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GTA 5 Battle Royale Update And Motor Wars Mode News


GTA 5 is one of those games that will not “die” so easily. Rockstar is constantly releasing new updates for the “Online” platform of the game and this is the main reason why the players are still not leaving it.

The latest update that has been released for GTA 5 Online is called “Smuggler’s Run” and it has brought a “Battle Royale” mode, which many of you might enjoy playing. First of all, we have to mention that the new mode is called “Motor Wars,” which challenges up to 4 teams to be the last one standing in the warzone.

In other words, if you’ve been playing other popular games such as: “H1Z1: Battle Royale” or “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds,” then you will definitely love this mode. Today we will talk about the best tactics that you can use when heading to the first few games of Motor Wars.

HINT: Keep in mind that there are a number of weapons and vehicles that you will find and utilize across the map. In addition, you will deal with a map that’s constantly getting smaller, pushing all the players together into one “grand finale.”

GTA 5: Motor Wars Mode

Likewise in other “battle royale” type of games, in Motor Wars Adversary Mode you will start the game jumping out a helicopter. You will use the parachute to get safe to land somewhere in the map. After landing, you will need to look for vehicles and weapons, which you can use to defend yourself.

You will notice a white circle at the top of the screen, which informs you about how much time left you have until the map starts to get smaller. The map will shrink from time to time, as the idea is to bring all the surviving players to a small spot, where they will have to fight for their lives.

You will need to use the mini-map to make sure that you stay in the safe area, because if you are caught outside of it, you will get a countdown timer, which will kill you once expired. Also, in case any of your team mates survives until the end of the game, all the members inside your team will get a victory and receive the prize.

Tips and Tricks

All the vehicles that are found in Motor Wars mode have been modified and they will remind you of “Mad Max.” In general, the team that has the most powerful vehicles will have a very big chance to win the match. These vehicles are modified and come with rockets and turrets attached to them, meaning that you will have a very easy time killing your enemies.

That being said, we are suggesting you to parachute to a dense area of the map, as there are very high chances that you will find better and more powerful vehicles in the nearby houses. You can also use the mini-map to easily spot locations of weapons and vehicles.

HINT: In case an enemy player is inside a vehicle, you will notice that the vehicle is showed as colored (matching the color of their team).

More Tips and Tricks

  • Get as fast as possible to the ground;
  • In case you get a vehicle that has a turret, we suggest you to ask someone from your team to come with you, or else the turret will be useless.
  • Keep in mind that vehicles come with multiple weapon attachments, so make sure that you cycle through your weapons and see what’s better to use.