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GTA 5 – All You Need To Know About It


The Game Theft Auto franchise is, without a doubt, a successful one. The crime series is one of Rockstar’s biggest accomplishments and fans are sure that the sixth game will soon become a reality. While we are still awaiting news about GTA 6, let us take a look at the last game in the series, GTA 5.

The game was a great hit, and it still is available for Microsoft Windows Pc, Xbox 360c Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Whether you are new to gaming and you still haven’t lived the GTA experience, or you want to bring back some nostalgia from 2013, here we have some basic GTA 5 tips.

What is the game about?

Just like the previous ones, this open-world video game revolves around American culture and it can be considered a satire. The gameplay will revolve around a lot of guns and different types of vehicles. In time you will gain money that will allow you to upgrade your equipment.

You will be able to buy new cars, clothes, properties and even extravagant vehicles, like planes. There are three main characters. Whether you play as the talented shooter Michael, the master driver Franklin or the maniac Trevor, each has some special skills and perks that you can use. You should try to improve your character as much as you can, but also keep an eye on their weapons.

Grand Theft Auto 5 has numerous missions and your character can visit Dom in order to get a special mission. Different actions improve your special abilities, your skills and even your stamina. There are also side missions that can be found with the help of the map. You can also use the map to find shops, jobs and other activities.

Hopefully, this article will help you if you are a first-time player and it will bring back some memories if you already played it. Nevertheless, you should go and play some GTA.