GTA 4 Available to Xbox One Backwards Compatibility – Xbox Performance Reviewed

GTA 4 Available to Xbox One Backwards Compatibility – Xbox Performance Reviewed


If you like video games, you are probably aware of all the speculations revolving around GTA 6, which would be the next installment from Rockstar Games after the massively successful release of GTA 5 a couple of years ago. However, if you are into games pertaining to the long and controversial Grand Theft Auto franchise, you might like to know that Microsoft did gamers all around a real solid this week.

Microsoft’s backwards compatibility program now includes the critically acclaimed GTA 4, which was considered by many a masterpiece of the series.  With the making available of GTA 4 on the latest version of Micorsoft’s console, Xbox One, many have already begun to wonder how the 9 year old game runs on the modern version of the Xbox console. In response to these inquiries, Eurogamer responded with a review that caters to this particular question.

According to them, the game runs pretty much the same as it did back in its glory days, and users shouldn’t find it too hard to remember GTA 4 and get into the groove. There is however, a slight increase in performance registered by the game ran on an Xbox One. In contrast with playing it on an Xbox 360, testers have found a slight increase in FPS of an overall 5 FPS. That might not be a whole lot for most people, but there are some that really take FPS seriously and for them, 5FPS is more than you could imagine.

GTA 4 is the kind of game that puts a real strain on a system’s CPU, but it looks like Microsoft’s Xbox One virtual CPU is doing a real great job so far in facilitating the integration of GTA 4 into its roset of playable games from the Backwards Compatibility collection.

It’s not all rainbows however for the enthusiastic crowd of Xbox One owners that is now rushing to download GTA 4 on their devices. Due to how framerate is handled on both platforms, the Xbox One version comes our choppier and not as smooth as the Xbox 360 version even though the former records better performance overall. This means that while the game is of course playable and enjoyable, there is a slight “itch” in the gameplay that might bug some Xbox One players.