Grand Theft Auto 6 to be Launched Alongside Sony and Microsoft Next-Gen...

Grand Theft Auto 6 to be Launched Alongside Sony and Microsoft Next-Gen Consoles


The most popular video game franchise in the world has to be Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto. The game developer has already launched five installments and all of them have been highly successful. In fact, the latest one has managed to sell tens of millions copies. With that being said, it’s pretty clear why the franchise has managed to gather such a huge fan base.

Regarding GTA’s fan base, everyone is highly anticipated another game installment. The game developer is being bombarded with questions about GTA 6 on a daily basis and sadly, Rockstar Games is doing a good job of not unveiling any vital information. However, this isn’t stopping the fan community from speculating. Today we will go together everything we know about GTA 6 and see what we can expect.

Release Date

First off, the game’s release date is what really matters. The game developer is actually working on another project right now and GTA 6 is not going to undergo development until the said project is finished. We are talking about Red Dead Redemption 2 which is going to come out later this year. However, we can be sure that once Rockstar Games finishes developing RDD 2, it’s going to start putting GTA 6 together.

Now regarding the game’s launch date, everyone is speculating that Rockstar Games is actually waiting for Sony and Microsoft to launch their next generation consoles first. The reason behind this is that the game developer wants to bring enhanced 4K graphics to GTA 6 and maybe even VR functionalities and the next-gen consoles will be able to run the game. Looking at Sony and Microsoft’s launch timeframes, we can expect the next-gen consoles and GTA 6 to come around 2020.

Female Main Character

The GTA franchise has traditionally received good reviews, the only criticism it received was related to the way it represented women. Rumor has it that Rockstar Games wants to clear up its name and introduce a female protagonist. Considering that GTA 5 featured three protagonists, GTA 6 will definitely have a female among them. This way, players that wish to only use male characters will be able to do that without any problems.