Grand Theft Auto 6 is Making Everyone Wait Until 2020

Grand Theft Auto 6 is Making Everyone Wait Until 2020


Rockstar Games managed to generate one billion dollars in profits over the span of three days back in 2013 when it launched GTA 5. The game is still highly popular to this day despite its age. The reason we are saying this is because reports are showing that GTA 5 managed to sell over 75 million copies to this date. Worth mentioning is the fact that GTA 5 can be played on PC, PS4 and Xbox One and this has been a major influence on the game’s popularity.

Nonetheless, GTA 5 has one of the largest fan bases that stretches from PC to console. We think it’s safe to say that every GTA fan is highly anticipating Rockstar Games to announce that it’s working on GTA 6. In fact, the internet is filled with rumors about GTA 6’s release date but Rockstar Games has yet to confirm anything.

Release Date

Many fans of the franchise strongly believe that the sixth installment is going to be launched in 2018, but this is highly unlikely. Rockstar Games is a large company that has many more game franchises under its belt and it’s not focusing only on GTA. In fact, the game developer is actually adding the finishing touches to Red Dead Redemption 2 which is expected to launch in the fall of this year.

Rumor has it that once Red Dead Redemption 2 is out, Rockstar Games will start working on GTA 6. This might be true since a large game such as GTA 6 needs a lot of time before it can be considered a finished product. However, this means that we might have to wait a couple of years until the game is finally unveiled. As everyone knows already, Microsoft and Sony have promised to launch next-gen consoles during the upcoming years and Rockstar Games might be waiting for that to happen.

Next-Gen Consoles

Microsoft has already started marketing its Xbox Project Scorpio next-gen console but Sony is keeping its device under wraps. The reason why we believe that Rockstar Games is waiting for these consoles to come out is because both of them will be able to run 4K native graphics. By the looks of it, it seems like we won’t be able to get our hands on GTA 6 until 2020.