Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Will Never Get Boring

Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Will Never Get Boring


Almost four have years have passed since GTA 5 first saw the light of the day and the game is still being played to this day. The game is filled with great adventures and immersive environments and this is what makes players still enjoy the game even though they might have finished it a couple of times before. Even better, the game developer is making sure that GTA 5 players are never bored by keeping on launching new DLCs.


The main reason why GTA 5 is still alive is because Rockstar Games is constantly rolling out new content updates which contain vehicles, missions and even special games modes. We have to give props to Rockstar Games for still caring about its GTA fan-base even though the game has been out for such a long time.

Cunning Stunts

YouTube is filled with videos made by GTA 5 players that showcase their driving skills while doing impressive death defying stunts. Rockstar Games has noticed that and that’s why it rolled out the Cunning Stunts DLC. The update brings a bunch of new auto vehicles and race circuits that are making the game so much more enjoyable.

Just to get an idea of how much attention Rockstar Games puts into DLCs, this update brought 20 online race courses. Even better, these races have been specially designed so that they are more fun with Ruiner 2000, Rocket Voltic and Blazer Aqua’s special abilities.


The previously mentioned DLCs have brought new cars, but those cars need to be bought first. Well, this is where GTA 5 double RP and in-game money bonuses come in. In order to make sure that all players are having fun, Rockstar Games always brings reward bonuses to its races. This way, players won’t feel like they are grinding when they gather money for new vehicles.

Large World

The game’s immersive world is so large that it’s almost impossible to explore it all. That’s why GTA 5 players always have something to do. Whenever they get bored of racing cars, performing stunts or fighting in Adversary Modes they can just jump in a car and drive to unknown places or just explore their surroundings.