Google Play Store Best Alternative Comes as APKUpdate

Google Play Store Best Alternative Comes as APKUpdate


Google’s Android operating system is filled with great features and apps but the most used one is certainly the Google Play Store. The reason why this app is so widely popular is because it’s being used in order to download apps. While this app might be great, it can be quite problematic at times. Additionally, it makes Android users feel like they are forced to use it. What people may not know is that there’s actually a good alternative for Play Store.

The best alternative for Google’s store app is APKUpdate. This app has been developed by a member from the XDA Forum. The developer’s name is “rumboalla” and he designed the app with one purpose in mind, to provide Android users with a better good replacement for Play Store. Even better, APKUpdate doesn’t require users to have Google Play Store installed.

There are many reasons to why someone might want to avoid using Play Store. First off, the app uses all the user information to provide app developers with information. Even though this is meant to improve their user experience, it can be quite annoying. Additionally, the app is infamous for draining the battery empty. In fact, some Android smartphones do ship without Google Play Store and users are required to download an alternative.

As previously mentioned, APKUpdate is the best alternative. This app uses alternate repositories and a scrapper for Google Play Store. This way, APKUpdate will be able to keep all of the user’s apps up to date. Sadly, APKUpdate doesn’t automatically update apps. Users are required to manually search for the app they want and confirm the download process. Even though the process might be time consuming, it’s meant to give complete control to the user unlike Google Play Store.

The best thing about this app is that it’s rather simple to use. This is why the developer has equipped with a simple user interface. Nonetheless, we can expect that because the app’s popularity is constantly growing it will also be update along the way. Maybe the XDA Forum developer will include the “automatically” update” function.