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Google Play Services 11.5.09 Update Brings More Stability Than Ever


If you are an avid smartphone user that has a lot of apps to manage and whatnot, Google Play Services might be the last thing on your mind. However, it is one of the most important things in your mobile device’s memory, believe it or not. Without the Google Play Services, you wouldn’t be able to access the Google Play Store as well as a lot of other functions that classify as “under the hood” processes which pertain to the operating system.

The new version, 11.5.09, brings more stability than ever and takes care of remaining bug problems from the last patch. It offers users an even smoother experience and makes sure that you are able to access Google’s many services through the comfort of your own mobile device.


In order to update your Google Play Services to this version, you are going to need a mobile phone that runs on at least Android 5.0, which is Android Lollipop.  Sure, those that don’t have a smartphone operating on Lollipop might feel left out but keep in mind that Android Lollipop is a pretty old version of Android now. This means that if you don’t have it, there are many other things to be concerned about aside from the Google Play Services update.

What does the Google Play Services app do?

  • You might be wondering about some precise functions of the Google Play Services app, so we have taken the time to round up some of the most important ones for you. Here is a list with the most important things that the Google Play Services app achieves, and why it’s so important to keep it updated:
  • The app helps with synchronizing contacts in your phone as well as on your online profile, making it easier to swap to a new phone or to simply keep everything linked
  • It plays a major role in the core functions pertaining to Google services, such as account authentication, meaning that you want to keep it updated so that you don’t run into unexpected authentication problems
  • It helps with offline searches and makes processes more fluent and easier for the overall OS to complete
  • It even helps with gaming and improves the performance of your device during gameplay, which is essential nowadays given how much mobile games have evolved in terms of both complexity and requirements

How do I update my Google Play Services app without an internet connection?

If you are in a position where you lack a connection to the internet on your mobile device, don’t worry. You can still get the latest version of the Google Play Services if you have an internet connection on your computer. Simply use a trustworthy APK website to download the latest APK file for the Google Play Services. Then, download it into your phone and tap on the application from the phone in order to start the installation process.