Google Play Music updated with smarter improvements

Google Play Music updated with smarter improvements


Google’s Play Music app has just received a new update and the Play music is going to become so much more technological advanced now that Google has introduced the same machine learning software that they are using for their Google Assistant.

The update Google rolled out to Play music has the same machine learning technology they use in Google Assistant and Google Photos. The app is now going to know what kind of music you like listening to, and in a few days of recording your music listening pattern, from what music you like to what hour you are listening to it and the app is going to start offering you recommendations. This is going to bring the user experience to a whole new level. Tech experts are considering this update as a direct shot to Spotify and Apple’s Music app.

Play Music is going to send recommendations only if the user opts in to receive them, but when he does he is in for a whole new experience. After the app starts learning the user’s music patterns, and locations and the time he listens, this way the app is going to know when the Play Music app user is hitting the gym and the app is going to play workout playlist to help the user pump up. For example if the users likes to listen to all newly released songs that usually come out on Friday, the app is now going to automatically pin the new songs on the device’s home screen so the user can save time by not searching for what new songs have been released.

Google has just rolled out the update for Android and iOS powered devices and the web player is going to be available in 62 countries, and the number is going to increase over time.


  1. The notification bar is back to being black again? Doesn’t this bother anyone else? It feels like a step back into KitKat.

  2. So, my Gmail account gets the new look, but my G Suite account doesn’t. Dammit Google!

  3. Still not seeing there updated look, even though my app is updated. I’m an unlimited subscriber running the app on Nexus 6p 7.1.1 beta

  4. I’ve installed the APK on a Samsung Galaxy S6 on Sprint network. The version number states the update was installed but I do not see any new features. Browser versions also don’t have the update for me.

  5. Now if only they could figure out the RECENT ACTIVITY and sync it between accounts. Or even remember it at all would be nice…

  6. Am I the only one that hates their “radio” aka… Shuffle these same 7 artists? No one ever mentions this but I feel it’s the worst feature they have! I love gpm but find myself using Pandora “shuffle” radio way more