Google Pixel and Pixel XL confirmed by leaks

Google Pixel and Pixel XL confirmed by leaks


If any of you had doubts that the future Android smartphones by Google will not come with Android 7.1 preinstalled, you should now rest assured that this will not happen. At least if you believe the latest leak that was released online these days, about the phones that are to be launched next month. This information came from a known leakster that goes under the name LlabTooFeR.

It actually seems really plausible if you think about the fact that the initial release of the seventh installment of the operating system series still lacked a thing or two. However, we cannot know for sure until we get an official confirmation or until we see the new HTC Marlin and Sailfish released on the market. This would take one more month, but it should worth it, given that they will be the first devices from the Pixel smartphones series made by Google.

In some ways, Android 7.0 was actually a disappointment. If you believed the leaks, you would have expected a much more comprehensive system, but it turns out that it had some faults. This difference seems to have its origins in the fact that the leaks actually belonged to the MR1 (which stands for Maintenance Release 1), which is the Android 7.1 version. Among the things that were missing we could find some full Daydream support and the new Launcher called Google Assistant.

Finally, the missing features will be found on the new smartphones released by Google. These might even lose their Nexus name. Rumor has it that the next two devices, Marlin (which is larger) and Sailfish (smaller) will be called Pixel XL, respectively Pixel. Their specs are pretty much the same though, the main differences being found in the battery life, size and display resolution.

The release will take place on October 4, at an event which is supposed to also host the release of the first Daydream headset for a VR experience.


  1. I’m running N developer preview on my Nexus 6 2014. It’s pretty sweet, doze is more aggressive working while the screen is off. Notifications are better, not too many glitches to run on a daily driver phone after a factory reset, it got rid of the experimental features that were hitching it up. The renders and leaks of HTC Nexus 2016 look sexy! I’d really like to keep vanilla N and my front facing speakers, so I hope this new phone lives up to expectations!

  2. if they keep messing about with sub six inch screens i will just hang onto my nexus 6

  3. What is it about tech writers that makes their writing so terrible and their insistence that readers have to endure as much bad writing as possible? Several long, apositive-ridden, never getting to the point paragraphs where one sentence would have provided the same info:
    When’s it come out? Probably October.

    Do these clowns get paid by the word? At least this author addressed the question he promised to answer in his title. Many don’t.

  4. Smaller devices?! Count me out nexus. Nexus 6 (2014) true 6″ display size is what wheeled me in 🙂

    6P was reasonable as the transition from 6″ to 5.7″ is doable. But 5″ and 5.5″!? No thanks.

    The upcoming note 6 is finally increasing their display size again – allegedly – to 5.8″. And if it’s true…. then back I go lol

  5. I’ve owned 2 Nexus phones, the original and the Nexus 6. Passed on the 5p and 6p because of screen size. I have several wishes for future Nexus phones and first among these is larger screen, second is larger screen. Waterproof, dust proof, latest Gorilla glass, SD card, and at least maintain screen resolution and audio quality. I don’t want to leave Nexus for a large screen but I will if necessary.