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Google Motion Stills Receives First Ever Update


Motion Stills used to be an iOS exclusive app that made it easier for iPhone owners to create GIFs by stabilizing their video camera. Luckily for Android fans, Google saw how much attention Motion Stills was receiving and decided to create an Android version of it. Motion Stills has been available for the Android ecosystem since back in July and now it’s finally receiving its first update.

Motion Stills Update

The new update doesn’t include any new user interface or innovative features. However, it does bring two new buttons to the Edit screen. The first one gives Android users the ability to create loops. This effect is similar to Instagram’s “Boomerang” feature. The GIF will start looping back and forth which gives it a smoother transition.

The second button that’s brought by this new update is a Delete option. Just as its name implies, the button allows users to delete GIFs. While this might not sound like some kind of a groundbreaking feature, it’s still nice to have since previously, the only way that Motion Stills users could delete recordings was by swiping on the main screen.

Fast Forward

GIFs are all this app is about and while this new update is mainly focused on loops, Motion Stills also features a cool “fast forward” mode. This mode is certainly more interesting than the previous one and it’s also inspired from one of Instagram’s “Hyperlapse” app.

Just like Hyperlapse does, Motion Stills’ fast forward mode lets users record videos which are then automatically stabilized and sped up. Motion Stills users are able to choose from twice to eight times the original speed.

The question that’s sitting in everyone’s minds right now is why didn’t Google make it an alternative version of the camera app. The Android parent already launched Live Photos which gives people access to similar camera effects and Motion Stills would certainly fit right in.