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Google Maps Platform Is The Major Update Google Brings To Google Maps For Developers


Google Maps announced the biggest update in several years of its Application Programming Interface (API). The service introduced the Google Maps Platform, a space that combines its 18 APIs into three main services, namely, Maps, Routes, and Places.

Google continues to launch several industry-specific solutions focused on Google Maps

It started with the presentation of a program for game developers who want to build games in the real world using Maps data.

Also, this Wednesday, Google said that, in the same manner, it offers “assets tracking” for carpooling industry, something that, however, the Lyft service already uses.

“Our asset tracking offer helps companies improve their efficiency by locating vehicles and assets in real time, visualizing where assets have traveled, and routing vehicles with complex trips,” writes the Google Maps team.

“We hope to bring new solutions to the market in the future, in areas where we are positioned to offer knowledge and expertise,” they added.

In the meantime, Google announces the launch of Google Maps Platform, the revamped Google Maps dedicated to developers and businesses.

Google Maps for developers becomes Google Maps Platform

“We are excited to announce the Google Maps Platform, the next generation of our Google Maps business, which includes optimized API products and new industry solutions to help drive innovation,” stated Google on a blog post.

The change will greatly simplify the features for Google Maps for developers and how Google charges for access to these APIs.

The new platform will have an API key and a Google Cloud Platform billing account, but the current code will remain unchanged.

Google will now offer a unique pricing plan with access to free support. So far, the company offers a standard plan and a premium plan (including access to support). It will also provide developers with a free monthly usage of $200, while business customers will have customized pricing.

Thus, as of June 11th, Google Maps for developers will get a major update, becoming Google Maps Platform.