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Google Keep Version 3.4.901 Auto-Numbered Lists Bug is Fixed by New APK


Google Keep is an innovative app that’s specially designed to make it easier for people to note their ideas down. The app gives users the ability to create notes, lists, place reminders and to even check off completed tasks. Things get even better, since users are also allowed to voice dictate thoughts and to add pictures or drawings.

Google Keep 3.4.901 Version

The reason we are talking about Google Keep today is because the new 3.4.901 update rolled out. First off, the update contains four new colors for notes. Although, the most important feature that this update brings is the option to auto-number lists in text notes. This feature might not seem to be something groundbreaking but it will prove to be quite useful nonetheless.

Annoying Bugs

Even though receiving new updates is usually good news for Android fans, sometimes they can also contain bugs. This is the case with the latest version of Google Keep as well. The previously mentioned auto-numbered lists doesn’t work as intended. For example, when typing “1. Something” the feature will automatically start generating “2.”, “3” and so on.

The problem starts when people delete characters which shows that the list requires two backspaces after each period. This means that Google Keep users are not allowed to change up the numbering of the list anymore.

Google Keep 3.4.901.06

Luckily for Google Keep fans, the Android parent acknowledged this issue and quickly rolled out a new APK. Therefore, updating Google Keep to the 3.4.901.06 version will get rid of the annoying auto-numbered lists issue. In addition, the APK can be downloaded straight from Google’s Play Store. Nonetheless, let’s hope that Google double checks all of its updates from now on so that they don’t contain any other bugs.