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Google Earth Images Of Possible UFO Landing Sites Go Viral


The existence of aliens and UFO has been discussed for many and there are plenty of legends found even in old civilizations such as the Maya or the Egyptians. Google Earth has been sharing images of our planet with the world, investing much time in creating maps and images. Some of the images on Google Earth are controversial, to say the least, and have sparked UFO theories.

Some of Google Earth’s images include

The discoveries presented to the world have been attributed to aliens traveling earth in their flying ship. Some of the places in the images appear to show evidence of UFO landing sites.

The Secure Team has posted on YouTube a video which has what they have called the most mysterious photos on Earth captured from space. The footage presented has been viewed by thousands of people and they include images captured by Google. Some of the images show what appears to be a giant river creature, another a massive undiscovered building shaped as a pyramid.

A picture sparking many theories is of a massive pentagram in the ground of an archeological ruin in Kazakhstan. However, soon enough experts have clarified that what was in the image was actually a camping ground used by Soviet Union members back in the day.

Ancient sites believed to have been built by aliens

All over the globe there are archeological sites of ancient civilizations which UFO believers claim have been built by extraterrestrial creatures. Some of the sites include the Sacsayhuaman in Cusco, Peru, the Egyptian pyramids, Stonehenge next to Salisbury, Teotihuacán’s Pyramid in Mexico City, the Moai from the Eastern Island, belonging to Chile etc.

These few examples are old sites discovered which are surrounded by legends of past civilizations believed to have been in contact with aliens.


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