Google Drive Compatible With iOS

Google Drive Compatible With iOS


It looks like the war between iOS and Android OS gets more serious every day. Apple and Google, the creators of the two operating systems are always trying to persuade customers their way using different exclusive apps and features. The Cupertino based company launched an iOS app several months ago that helped previous owners of Android devices to transfer their personal data on an iPhone and that made Google mad. As a response to Apple, Google announced that they are working on a similar feature for Android devices.

The news came just in time because there are many iPhone owners who are disappointed with Apple’s latest iPhone 7 release and Apple customers can now switch to Android devices and not lose all of their data in the process. Google is not actually developing a new app, instead they are tweaking the Google Drive app to be compatible with iOS powered devices.

Google Drive for iOS will give users the ability to backup their camera roll, notes, accounts, contacts and more in just a matter of seconds, thus if the Apple user does decide to buy a Pixel device for example, all their information will be waiting for them in the Android OS and whenever the new Android users opens any app they will see that they are already logged in. The iOS Google Drive can be found in the settings panel just under the backup menu. What user should keep in mind is that if they have a lot of information stored on the iPhone, the backup process might last a few hours. Worth mentioning is that Google Drive will not backup the users music library and text messages, to do that the user has to directly connect the designated iPhone to the new Android device.


  1. its actually kind of uselss because it’s not possible to disable backup of video files. It takes all media files 🙁

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  3. So Word for iPad’s latest update allows integration with Google Drive, but I can’t get it to work.

    I checked in ‘Add a place’ – I can select OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Dropbox or Sharepoint, but no sign of (Google) Drive.

    Under “. . . more” , and “Locations” there’s a slide button to select Google Drive, but I can’t see any effect. Even with this switched on, Drive doesn’t appear under any of the menus.

    Is this a bug?