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Google Developing New “Coach” App to Help with Nutrition and Fitness


Numerous reports are showing that Apple is secretly working on developing a new coprocessor that will be tasked with analyzing health data. However, it looks Apple is not the only company to get involved with health tracking because rumor has it that Google is also working a new health wellness product that uses AI (artificial intelligence).

Google Coach

The product that the Android parent is working on is called Google Coach and as its name implies, it will coach people on what to eat, how to workout and give many other activity tips. The best thing about Google Coach is the fact that it will provide its users with detailed analysis of their health, burned calories, heart rate and so on.

AI Technology

The use of AI technology comes into play because Google Coach will take into account information such as reminders, logged activities and calendar appointments. Therefore, Google Coach will automatically look for free days where it can schedule your next workout.

Nutrition Tips

Even though helping Android fans with fitness is the primary goal of the new product, that’s not the only department where Google Coach will excel in.

Google Coach will also provide users with nutrition information about the foods that they consume. To make things even better, Google Coach will also give users tips and recommendations to help improve their diet.

Healthier Menu Items

One of the coolest things that Google Coach will be able to do is to scan a restaurant menu and highlight the dishes which it considers that are healthy and good for the users. Therefore, people who chose to install Google Coach on their smartphone will never have to worry about picking the right meal ever again since Google Coach will take care of everything health related.