Google Chrome vs UC Browser – A Comparison Between the two Most...

Google Chrome vs UC Browser – A Comparison Between the two Most Popular Mobile Browsers


All major tech companies have launched their own mobile browsing offerings, but not all of them are at the same level. We think it’s safe to say that Google Chrome is the most popular mobile browser right now. However, UC Browser comes in strong on the second place and it looks like it might even surpass Chrome in the upcoming future.

The best thing about owning a smartphone is certainly the fact that owners can surf the web on the go. This feature comes in quite handy and using the right browser will enhance the experience even more. Today we’re going to compare the two most prolific mobile browsers and see which one is better.

Google Chrome vs UC Browser: Features

As previously mentioned, Chrome is the most popular mobile browser in the world and there’s a good reason behind this. Google is renowned for always packing its products with large numbers of innovative features and Chrome isn’t an exception to that rule. The two greatest features that Chrome brings to the table is undoubtedly its incognito mode. This feature allows users to surf the web safely. Additionally, websites will no longer be able to track the user’s locations or cookies.

On the other hand, UC Browser’s biggest strength is its special Download Manager. The developers behind UC Browser have managed to create one of the most optimized Download Managers ever. This feature provides users with impressive downloads speeds. Even better, the Download Manager doesn’t affect UC Browser’s page loading times. This means that users can download huge files and browser the web without any problems.

Google Chrome vs UC Browser: Availability

Unlike UC Browser, Google Chrome is also available on desktop operating systems. This actually gives Chrome an edge in this comparison since users will not be required to keep on switching their browsers. Worth mentioning is that UC Browser is getting ready to launch a Windows 10 edition in the upcoming future.

UC Browser has the upper hand when it comes to mobile operating system support. The browser is compatible with iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Blackberry while Chrome only support iOS and Android.