Google Chrome Beta 57 Update – Better than UC Browser?

Google Chrome Beta 57 Update – Better than UC Browser?


The browser industry is getting more and more competitive with each year. Usually, the biggest names in this industry used to be Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox but now other competitors have arrived such as the highly popular UC Browser. This is why Google is focusing more on providing Chrome users with a constant stream of updates.

Google Chrome Receives Update

As previously mentioned, Google is focusing more on its browser as of late. The Android parent is known for always keeping adding new features to its products and this can be seen in Chrome’s case as well. Recent reports are showing that Chrome has been upgraded to version 57 on the beta. This surprised everyone since the latest update (56 version) arrived only a month ago.

Another reason to why Google is trying to keep on improving Chrome’s features is because this is the default browser installed on all Android powered devices. This is actually why the browser has become so popular. The fact that there’s a mobile edition of Chrome, and that it comes pre-installed has boosted the browser’s popularity by a large margin. Although there might some Android users who like to use alternate browsers, Google wants to make sure that Chrome is be the best.

Google Chrome Version 57 Beta Update

This update has been developed with one purpose in mind, to improve the overall Chrome user experience. Instead of bringing new features, this update will actually improve the already existing ones. For example, Chrome’s auto spelling and the function to download pages for offline reading are being enhanced.

The biggest changes that this update will bring to Chrome will be made to the browser’s custom tab feature which has been introduced back in 2015. This feature comes in quite handy since it allows users to open pages without being required to open Chrome itself. The new custom tab feature will now load pages at a faster rate.

Chrome users should know that they can get their hands on the update right now. Worth mentioning is that they first need to be enlisted in the beta program. Also, because this update is still in the  beta phase it’s not very stable.