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Google CEO’s Speech Was Canceled Due To Online Harassment Threats


Amid the scandal Google faces due to former employees online posting, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai was to give a highly anticipated speech regarding gender existing issues. It seems that Google employees started to get harassed online after the incident involving James Damore.

James Damore and his post

The former employee has been let go after posting online his thoughts on women’s skills in the tech business. He claimed that women cannot become as good as men in this industry because they are neurotic, which is a biological trait they have. According to him women are less capable of facing daily stress and pressure.

Google tries to make amends

After Damore posted that message in his blog, Google has tried to make sure the world understands the company does not share the same line of thought as its ex-employee. After the post, many Google employees started to face online harassment “doxxing”. Plenty of websites published internal posts and gave personal information on Google employees.

Damore disagrees with how the company reacted to his post, claiming that he only intended to say men and women differ due to biological reasons and that is why there are not so many female representatives in leadership positions and in the tech industry. Moreover, he claims that studies confirm his affirmation.

Google tried to stop things from getting even more complicated and the CEO fired Damore due to violations in Google’s Code of Conduct. Pichai also emailed all the staff and informed them that Damore’s affirmations are not approved by Google.

In his letter to Google employees, Pinchai announced that he canceled his long awaited speech due to the online harassment Google employees suffer and that it is time to find other ways in which Googlers can engage and feel protected,