Google Assistant has yet to Arrive to Android Powered Tablets

Google Assistant has yet to Arrive to Android Powered Tablets


Google Assistant is one of Pixel and Pixel XL’s key selling points. Fortunately, Google decided to make this feature an Android universal feature. When Google found out that Amazon decided to install its virtual assistant on an Android smartphone, Google came out blazing and announced that all Android powered devices will receive Google Assistant in the upcoming future.

Google Assistant

This is an artificial intelligence assistant that’s been designed especially to put Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL up to par with Apple’s Siri. The voice activated assistant is very nice to have since it allows Android users to completely control their smartphone through the use of vocal commands.

The best thing about Google Assistant is the fact that it’s capable of comprehending complex questions. For example, if the user asks Google Pixel “How far away is Rome?” and then asks “How’s the weather there?” Google Assistant will automatically know that the user is referring to Rome.

Google Assistant Arrives to Non-Pixel Smartphones but not to Tablets

The Android parent has already started rolling out this incremental feature to a couple of smartphones such as OnePlus 3. Sadly, it looks like Google doesn’t intend to roll out its virtual assistant to tablets as well. Additionally, the only smartphones that are going to receive this feature are the ones that run on Android 7.0 Nougat.

Google has yet to announce why tablets have yet to receive the update. Rumor has it that Google still needs time to optimize its virtual assistant so that it works on tablets. In addition, some tech experts are speculating that Google actually wants to implement a new user interface for the tablet edition of its assistant.

Will Android Tablets Ever Receive Google Assistant?

The answer is certainly yes. Even though Google is taking its time, we can be sure that it has yet to forget about all the Android powered tablets. In the end, the waiting will be worth it since Google Assistant completely enhances the user experience. Tablet owners will be able to schedule meetings, place calls and so on just by using their voice.